Yavneh BYOD Portal - byod.yavnehcollege.org

RM certificate installed - your device is setup correctly for the BYOD Wi-Fi.

RM certificate NOT installed - your device is not setup correctly for the BYOD Wi-Fi.

IMPORTANT: Due to an upgrade with the school's internet filter, a certificate needs installing on this device by Monday 12th July. If you do not install the certificate, the majority of websites will no longer work whilst connected to the school's Wi-Fi.

Please click here for installation instructions.

Useful Links

RM Certificate Installation Instructions | Yavneh-RADIUS - New way to connect to BYOD Wi-Fi

All Office 365 services login with your Yavneh email address and network password:

Microsoft Teams | Student Resource Library (SharePoint) | Office 365

The following login with your Yavneh username and network password:

Password Self Service - Change your network password
Insight - Check your timetable, assignments etc.
PaperCut Web Print - Print documents from your own device
Home Access Plus - Remote file access to your network documents / Change your network password

Other links:

Kerboodle | Hegarty Maths | Collins Connect