Yavneh-RADIUS Wi-Fi - New way to connect to BYOD Wi-Fi

There is a new way to connect to the BYOD Wi-Fi via the Yavneh-RADIUS Wi-Fi network with your Yavneh username and password. Once setup, your device will connect automatically without prompting you to login (unless you change your password or device). We strongly recommend you use Yavneh-RADIUS for a more reliable connection, however Yavneh-BYOD will continue to be available to use too.

IMPORTANT: Your device must be registered to connect and only one device per pupil/student can be registered. If you have been using the Yavneh-BYOD Wi-Fi network your device will have already be registered. If your device is not registered, either connect your device to the Yavneh-BYOD network and your device will be registered within a few days. If you cannot connect to the Yavneh-BYOD network please see Network Support.

Please follow the instructions carefully below how to connect your device - if you are having problems connecting please see Network Support.

1. Connect your Laptop to the 'Yavneh-RADIUS' Wi-Fi network and enter your Yavneh username and password when prompted to login.

2. The first time you connect you will be prompted to click Connect

Connect your Chromebook to the 'Yavneh-RADIUS' Wi-Fi network

1. Change the EAP method to PEAP

2. Enter your Yavneh email address under 'Identity'

3. Enter your Yavneh password under 'Password'

4. Click 'Connect'

Connect your MacBook to the 'Yavneh-RADIUS' Wi-Fi network

1. Enter your Yavneh email address and password when prompted for WPA2 enterprise credentials and click 'Join'

2. When prompted to Verify Certificate click 'Continue'

3. When prompted enter your Mac password to trust the certificate and click 'Update Settings' - this only needs doing the first time you connect.

Connect your iPad (iOS device) to the 'Yavneh-RADIUS' Wi-Fi network

1. Enter your Yavneh username and password when prompted and tap 'Join'

2. When prompted with the Certificate tap 'Trust' to connect

Connect your Android device to the 'Yavneh-RADIUS' Wi-Fi network.

Set/fill out the following and tap 'Connect'

EAP method PEAP
Phase-2 authentication MSCHAPV2
Domain yavnehcollege.org
Identity (your Yavneh username)
Password (your Yavneh password)
RM SafetyNet - SSL Filtering Certificate Test